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About the Abortion Amendment

On January 23, 2024, the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office certified a popular name and ballot title for the Arkansas Abortion Amendment of 2024.


The measure’s sponsors have until July 5 to collect the 90,704 petition signatures necessary to place the measure on the ballot this November.

This is a radical amendment legalizing abortion in a way Arkansas has never seen before.


The amendment:

  • Writes abortion into the Arkansas Constitution

  • Erases virtually all of Arkansas’ pro-life laws -- including laws requiring abortionists to have parental consent or informed consent for abortion

  • Allows abortion on demand without restriction through the first five months of pregnancy

  • Contains sweeping health exceptions for abortion during all nine months of pregnancy

  • Legalizes as many as 3,000 or more abortions in Arkansas each year

  • Doesn't require abortionists to be licensed to practice medicine in Arkansas

  • Doesn’t require abortionists to follow basic health and safety standards

Download a Copy of the Amendment Here.

Arkansans for Limited Government Hires Canvassers to Put Abortion on the Ballot in Arkansas. 
Updated as of June 17th, 2024
Radically Pro-Abortion Amendment
Makes it possible for abortionists to perform abortions on underage girls without parental consent
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