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About the Arkansas Marijuana Amendment

Arkansas ALREADY has medical marijuana, so what does the 2024 marijuana amendment REALLY do?


The measure’s sponsors have until July 5 to collect the 90,704 petition signatures necessary to place the measure on the ballot this November.

Deadly meth, opioids, heroin, and fentanyl are already destroying too many lives.



  • FREE MARIJUANA CARDS: This amendment gives free marijuana cards to immigrants and out-of-state residents at a cost to Arkansas taxpayers. Just like in Colorado, California, and Oregon, people from out-of-state will flood our streets with marijuana.

  • RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA BY ANOTHER NAME: Arkansas already has medical marijuana. This is recreational marijuana by another name. Under this amendment, healthy people could qualify for a free marijuana card because they will no longer need a doctor’s certification saying they suffer from a specific condition listed in state law. That means people may be able to use marijuana without proving they have a qualifying medical condition. This is not true medicine or healthcare.

  • UNCONTROLLABLE MONOPOLY: The marijuana industry crafted this amendment and they are writing themselves and marijuana into our state constitution. The amendment prohibits the Arkansas Legislature, cities, or counties from passing any laws, including zoning and taxes, to regulate marijuana use.

Download a Copy of the Amendment Here.

The Group Promoting a Marijuana Amendment Hires 381 Petition Canvassers to Put Marijuana on the Ballot in Arkansas
Updated as of June 17th, 2024
Recreational marijuana by another name.
Creates an out-of-control monopoly
for the marijuana industry.
Gives free marijuana cards to immigrants and out-of-state residents.
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