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The Arkansas Secretary of State's office disqualified

all of the petitions for the Arkansas Abortion Amendment. The disqualification means the petition signatures cannot be used to place the abortion amendment on the November ballot.

In a letter on Wednesday the 10th of July, the Secretary of State indicated his office rejected the petitions for failing to comply with a state law that former Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe signed in April of 2013.

The letter noted that the sponsors did not file a statement identifying the paid canvassers who collected signatures for the abortion measure, as required by state law.

The letter also indicated the sponsors failed to file a signed statement verifying that each paid canvasser was provided a copy of the most recent edition of the Secretary of State’s initiative and referenda handbook and given an explanation of Arkansas’ legal requirements for obtaining petition signatures.

There is another effort to legalize marijuana by further enshrining it into the Arkansas Constitution. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment legalizes recreational marijuana by drastically expanding Arkansas’ existing medical marijuana amendment.
This proposal would let current marijuana growers and sellers have a monopoly over Arkansas’ future marijuana industry. The amendment also enables people to grow and process marijuana and marijuana products at home. Local communities would be prevented from regulating marijuana, and the Arkansas Legislature would be unable to change the amendment. The Marijuana Group Employed 470 Paid Canvassers to Collect Signatures.


Pledge Not to Sign the Abortion Petition

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