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On November 8th, there will be two ballot initiatives up for public vote that require you and your congregation's attention. The Family Council Action Committee is requesting your help in ensuring that your church is properly and adequately educated on the issues being voted upon by the general public. The issues being voted upon present substantial changes to Arkansas law regarding the church and its members. Having your utmost support and joining in the fight is crucial for Christians of this state at this time.

Our mission is to promote, protect, and strengthen traditional family values in the political arena.
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Attacks on religious freedom in America are off the charts and Christians are now the most harassed and persecuted of all Americans. Woke radicals shout for tolerance but are the most intolerant of all when it comes to Christians. 

“Don’t be misled. This amendment allows illegal drugs to flood into Arkansas, because there’s no way to tell legal from illegal drugs. This creates a new territory for drug lords.

- Jerry Cox

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